Wednesday, February 2, 2011

happy gotcha day!

One year ago today, we officially became Jackson's parents!

Kurt and I remember sitting in our hotel room in China talking about what Jackson will be like in 6 months and then again at 1 year post placement.

He has come farther than we could have imagined!

He's by far THE FUNNIEST person in the house!

His speech is just beginning to take off. I think his favorite word is..."oooommmmm-aaaaaa" (mama)

Tonight we had a special little cake to celebrate our special little man!
Hopefully soon we will be able to get our China pictures off the netbook and onto the desktop computer.
I've put Kurt in charge of making a video of our gotcha day memories!

We are so blessed to have been chosen by Him to be Jackson's parents!

Happy Gotcha Day, Jackson Kuan! You are LOVED!