Saturday, January 19, 2013

care package

Yesterday we received word that our care package for Kinsley was delivered.

There is a wonderful woman in China named Ann that owns Ann at Red Thread China. She specializes in adoption care packages, gifts and cakes for the families that are adopting.

We bought Kinsley a "Warm Clothes" care package. Because we had just received an updated through BLAS, we had new measurements. Hopefully everything will fit her.

Also in the care package we were able to send her the most important thing...photographs of us and also a letter. We hope that the photos will help to ease her mind and start preparing her for our arrival.

Here are a few pictures of what she will be receiving.


Also included was a silver pendant necklace that says either Love or I Love You, a scarf and a warm hat, a small teddy bear a flash drive for the orphanage or foster family to put pictures on and candy for the foster family.

We hope that she will enjoy them all!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I-800 Approval

Yesterday we received verbal notification that our I-800 was approved.

This is the official immigration approval from the US that we can indeed adopt MingWa!

This is the beginning of the last phase.

From here our approval gets sent to the National Visa Center.

Then we wait for our Article 5.

Then we wait for our TA (Travel Approval)

TA is the official invitation to come to China and complete the adoption.

Once we have TA we wait to find out when our CA (Consulate Appointment) will be. This date is what determines our travel dates.

Soon sweet girl.....Soon!!!!