Tuesday, May 24, 2011

broken hearted.

It finally happened.

It was just a matter of time.

A certain big brother in the house had his heart broken today.

Broken for his little brother.

It happened as we were leaving the school where Jackson goes to preschool.

We've walked down the hallway a million times this past year.

We've walked past the sweet children that line the walls waiting for their parents the same million times.

But today was different.

I heard the snickering.

I chose to ignore it.

We got through the doors and out into the parking lot.

I had to stop dead in my tracks because my oldest son could walk no further.

His head was hung low.

When I asked him what was wrong,

He looked up at me...

With tears in his eyes.

And he said,

"They were laughing at Jackson".

My heart broke for both of my sons.

We knew this day would come.

It was something we talked about with the kids before we adopted Jackson.

How would we respond?

We would always defend him and protect him.

Jadon walked over to Jackson in my arms and kissed his knee and said, "I love you, Jackson!"

Tonight we pray about the best way to defend and protect him.

Tonight we pray about how we can educate others with love in our hearts.

Tonight I pray and thank my Lord for breaking my son's heart with what breaks His!

Praying that all of my children's hearts will break for what breaks His!