Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the BIG 7

A few weeks ago we celebrated Jadon's 7th birthday!  We are so blessed to have Jadon in our lives!  He is kind and caring, compassionate and tender-hearted!  He loves the Lord and has a gift for memorizing scripture!  He is ALL boy!  Oh boy!  We are thankful that he was delivered safely after I spent a small amount of time on bedrest and then had an emergency c-section, again!  He is our social butterfuly and is such a "people-person"! 

We celebrated by going to dinner at Chili's...he really wanted to go to Burger King, but-sorry, this mom's gotta eat real food if she's going out for a birthday dinner.  My mom and dad just arrived from Murphy and were able to celebrate with us!  The kids love it when Oma and Opa are back in town!
The laughter in my life!

Jackson, Jadon, Kurt, and Opa

Opa and Jadon

Jadon and his new Canjo!  You can actually play songs on it!

Jadon has been waiting at least 2 years for a DS!!

Kurt with Little Man

Jackson has finally learned to say "Cheese" for the camera!

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