Thursday, September 22, 2011

2nd Baha Approval and more!

We received word from our insurance company that they have approved Jackson for his second Baha!  We are B.E.Y.O.N.D. excited for him!

We will travel back to Shands in just 2 1/2 weeks to get his second Baha and his bilateral softband.  On this same day Jackson will also be evaluated to see if his palate is too short or if the pharyngeal flaps are too short or not strong enough.  It may even be possible that there might be something occuring with a nerve that triggers everything to happen and in this case is not happening. 

Please pray that the dr. can determine what the problem is.  We think that this is why his speech is not progressing as it should.

We also find out today that the school district has decided to re-evaluate Jackson!  I had requested this at the end of last school year since he was evaluated after only being home with us for 2 months. (This was the only way to get his speech and auditory services started when we first came home) 

But now that he has been home a year and a half we are praying that we can get a more accurate measure of his intellectual functioning.  If all goes well, we are hoping that he will be moved from the Mild Disabilities PreK class to the Language Impaired class.  He would still receive his speech services and also services for Deaf/Hard of Hearing.  Jackson is such a bright, intelligent little boy!  Please pray that he will do well enough to move to the next class.

He just had his second dental cleaning!  He did so well.  His front teeth are perfect, but his back molars are almost like coral.  The dentist believes that it is something genetic.  It is almost as if there is no enamel and the teeth are course and pitted, even on the sides of the tooth.  Our dentist (Dr. Barnes) is amazing.  He's hoping that it is just the baby teeth and not the permanent ones.  Jackson did not have his 2 year old molars come in until his was 3, so we know that it is not from lack of dental care.  (The first night we had Jackson in China, he knew exactly what a toothbrush was for!...just more little thing that we will be forever greatful to his foster mom in China for!)

I know I am behind on posting pictures!

Our big desktop computer, which I ususally work from, won't read our cards from our cameras, so that leaves working from our tiny netbook.  And well...I've been lazy and just haven't done it. 

Not to mention we have so many cute pictures that I have to make more decisions!

Does anyone know if it's possible to send a picture from your iPhone to your blog?  If you can, I'd love to know!  We'd be in business then!


  1. So happy to hear about the BAHA! It sounds like you are making really good progress towards getting Jackson where he needs to be.

    I have been using an app called Blogpress for uploading pictures from my iPod. I think it costs $2.99 but it is really easy to use :)