Saturday, April 14, 2012

Unexpected Surprise

We had the pleasure of meeting a fellow adoptive family. Their son has bilateral microtia like Jackson. Their daughter has atresia. Jackson was able to meet an older boy that looked like him. Jackson was able to look at his implanted Bahas! It was nice for Kurt and I to talk to another couple that have a family like ours. We were so excited to talk about some common experiences that we forgot to ask them their names!!! We are so embarrassed! So here is a shout out to the family we met! We hope if the family is checking out our crazy family in this blog That you will forgive our rudeness! We'd love to know your names!!


  1. can't be any more embarrassed than I was when I realized I didn't get your name. It is not every day by any means that you turn the corner and see a beautiful boy that takes your breath away as he looks just like my Eli did a few years ago. My name is Cara, and it was a PLEASURE to meet you today on the soccer field!!! We would love to be able to meet you guys you said, it is so nice to meet another family that shares our world. I believe this was a God thing that allowed us to run into each other today :) Look for me on facebook under Cara Roberson for further contact. I'll check back on here too.

  2. Hi Cara!!!!! It is a pleasure to MEET you!!!!! Kurt and I could only remember your children's names but we didn't eat to put them our there for all of blogger land to see!!! We look forward to getting to know you!