Wednesday, February 27, 2013

a reason to celebrate!

Yesterday we received our travel approval!!! We are finalizing all of our travel arrangements, making To-Do lists, and making Kinsley's dr. appointments for when we return.

We are so excited to finally be here.

The road has been long and the lessons are still being learned.

So many posts have gone untyped and unpublished.

So many thoughts and emotions I've guarded inside.

I've been a pitiful mess for the past few days, blinking back tears.

Tears of joy and tears of thankfulness as I look back at how God has stretched me, my husband, my children.

Tears that remind me of the change in me and how I NEVER want to go back to who I was before adoption changed me and our family!

My heart swells as I hear Jackson calling out "Mama, Mama, Mama...Mama" from the backseat of the car as I'm talking to the big kids about travel -only to ask about the airplane and Grandma and Grandpa and to give his cheer with his fist pumping the air.

Thankful that he's understanding more about what is happening.

Grateful to know that God can even speak to his little heart about the orphan. If you ask him if he wants another sister he will tell you "No...5 sisters!"

I pray each of you will know how blessed we have been to have you walk this journey with us...supporting us, lifting us up in prayer, responding to our texts with excitement, donating items to our garage sale, listening to me, donating to our Go Fund Me, buying coffee and 147 Million Orphans gear, making meals to put in our freezer for when we return, unselfishly giving us your refrigerator to put in our garage when you bought a new one, bringing our children home from soccer when we had adoption conference calls, and simply loving on our family and our children.

We pray that our lives will always be a testimony to what The Lord has done in our lives and that it will only bring Him glory and to bring Him honor and not ourselves!

Absolutely none of this could have ever been accomplished without the power of Jesus!

There is still so much on my heart that I want to share with you but it would probably be a jumbled mess!

Once we have itinerary we will post it so you can begin praying for the rest of our journey.

15 days to Travel!

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  1. So excited and happy for you and looking forward to following your trip. She is beautiful, Stacy!!
    Love and best wishes

  2. I'm so very excited to hear this, Stacy! I'm coming to Florida in mid-April, and hope it will work out to visit with you and meet Kinsley! What a blessing for your family.

  3. Thank you Rita! Give us a holler when you get here!