Friday, September 3, 2010

7 months

Yesterday we celebrated 7 months since we finalized our adopting Jackson in China.

Yesterday we had our "readoption hearing" at the courthouse.  Although our adoption was finalized in China and he became a US citizen upon walking on American soil in San Francisco, we will now be able to apply for Jackson's certificate of foreign birth.  This will be the equivalent of his US Birth Certificate.  We will also be able to apply for his US Passport!  Even though this was really just a formality, it was difficult to hear  Judge Piggotte terminate the rights of his birth parents.  And although he was abandoned and it is unknown who his birthparents are, God knows them by name!

We were able to take a few pictures to document the occasion for him and then we celebrated with a round of milk shakes from Steak N Shake!
Jackson and his goofy grin!  Not sure where that came from.  This is our attorney, Mr. Pappas.  He has 2 daughters adopted from China and he only charges the court costs to complete the readoptions of children from China.  All the years that he's been doing this, Jackson is the VERY FIRST BOY that he has ever represented!  We are thankful for his heart and his generosity to our family!
Our family with Judge Piggotte
Outside the courthouse!  I think it was about 96 degrees!
Jackson and Kurt

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