Thursday, August 26, 2010

the big 3

Just a little over a year ago, Kurt and I were praying that we would have our LID so that we would be able to send Jackson his birthday cake and care package for his 2nd birthday!  We just can't believe that it is a year later and we have our little man here in our arms to celebrate his 3rd birthday!

Our celebration was joyful, tearful and bittersweet!  I spent time on Sunday showing Jackson the pictures of his birthday party and cake that was taken last year at the orphanage, hoping that he would remember something about it and that it would seem familiar to him and understand that it was HIS day!

He greeted each guest at the door and ushered them in, gently taking the gifts they brought and putting them with the others by the piano...all this with no instruction! (Well, he did take the first one into the kitchen trying to find where to put it, but once we showed him where it went, the others went there as well.)

He was surrounded by many who loved him and who have prayed for him and over him!  I didn't think any of us were going to make it through Kurt's prayer for our food and for the blessing of Jackson in our family.  It was tearful and heartfelt.

Jackson knew just what to do opening presents.  He was gracious with his Thank you's (you'll see him signing in one picture) and gave many hugs.  He has really been into baseball lately, so we wanted to get him his first baseball glove and ball...we didn't realize how difficult it would be to find a LEFT-HANDED toddler mitt.  So, we opted for the trike instead and then we'll special order the glove for me...or wait for the new Dick's store to open up next week.

Jackson loved his trike and was kind enough to share it with his little friend, Tatum.  Tatum just turned three in June and towers over Jackson.

As I rocked Jackson for his afternoon nap and for bed that evening, I prayed that God would somehow touch Jackson's birth mom's heart.  I prayed that He would find some way to tell her that her little boy was safe and loved and growing big.  I prayed that she would know how funny he is, how loving he is, how strong-willed he is and how smiley and affectionate he is.  I prayed that her heart would be at peace on this day as she remembered his birth and the circumstances surrounding his family.

Jackson and Tatum

Jackson saying, "OOOh" for Open

Signing "Thank You"
Giving Oma the Thumbs Up for his gift!

Checkin out his new ride!
Takin' his girl for a ride!

Discussing something very important, I'm sure!

Jackson riding off into the sunset!!

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