Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trusting Him

We have begun the journey for ear reconstruction for Jackson.

It will be a long road.

We have decided to pursue the Medpor method.

We Skyped with Dr. Reinisch in California a couple of weeks ago.

He was very informative and was able to answer our questions and concerns.

Tomorrow Jackson will have the CT scan completed.

Please pray for us. Our pediatrician did not request a sedated CT scan.

We will be giving him a prescription medication from our pediatrician to enable him to be still for the procedure.

Please pray that the medication will enable Jackson to remain completely still so that they can get a perfect, readable scan.

This is just the first step in finding out if his hearing will be able to be restored.

Once the scan is completed, we will mail a copy of the scan to Dr. Roberson in northern California. He is the Doctor that will determine whether or not Jackson is a candidate for atresia surgery. This is the surgery that would make ear canals for him. If he IS a candidate, we would have the ear canal surgery first on one ear and then the outer ear reconstruction using Medpor with Dr. Reinisch. And then 6 months later, we can reconstruct the 2nd ear.

I must confess that it is beginning to get harder noticing the staring at Jackson because of his microtia and the fact that he does not have a right ear. At first it didn't really bother me, but I guess that as each day passes, I know the day is going to come when Jackson notices and is able to tell us that it bothers him.
We don't really know how much he understands about his ears right now.

Please pray that as we begin this journey that everything will go smoothly with our insurance. With each atresia repair, there is a very LARGE amount of money that has to be paid upfront to be reimbursed later. Money that I'm sure very few families have sitting around in their bank account or even available on a credit card.

But, with that said, I know that God will provide every last cent. He did with the adoption. And when we tried figuring it all out on our own, God would always whisper to me, "Trust me."

So, we are beginning this new journey Trusting Him!

Trusting that He has every detail figured out.

Trusting Him that every penny is accounted for.

Trusting Him, once again, in His timing and not our own.

Trusting Him that His Word is Truth.

Trusting in His incredible love for Jackson and the life that He gave to him at the moment of conception.

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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  1. Now you have to look up ALL the verses to Trust And Obey and sing every verse, every day. This past weekend, Grace and Alivia wanted to sing and the song that they chose was Amazing Grace! Mike sings that to Gracie. We started and Grace says to me "You know ALL the words?" I said, "No, not all but most." Gracie says, "Look them up and sing ALL of them." So we are driving to Walmart, IPhone pulling up lyrics to Amazing Grace and then the singing began. It changed the atmosphere in the car. The Spirit was there because two little girls wanted ALL the words to a song they had no idea of what it really meant and yet they were changed at that moment. So, during these next long months, when doubt and fear want to come and steal the Joy of His provisions on His timeline, sing that song with the whole family; ALL the words. And see what God will do. Amazing Grace how sweet.....