Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Round and Round

The night before we were to head to Shands to get Jackson's 2nd Baha we found out that the Baha had arrived but that the bilateral soft band was on backorder until the end of November! Ugh!!

We kept our appointment and Jackson was tested in the sound booth for an hour! They were able to get more testing completed. He did amazingly well! His speech recognition test was at 92 percent at 5 dB!!! Simply amazing.

On a different note, when we went to see the ENT he told us that he is not the one that completes the evaluation but that the speech pathologist and craniofacial team does. He did agree that Jackson should be further along in his speech.

We also found out that our ENT actually only specializes in the "E"!

He is referring us for an MRI, a psychoneuromotor evaluation and the velopharyngeal evaluation. We are scheduled to go in January for these.

Jackson has also been re-tested to see if he qualifies for the Language Impaired class. We are hoping to find out soon. He will also receive an evaluation for OT services. He is beginning to try and form letters when he writes but they want to give him as much as he can before he starts kindergarten.

Jackson is such a trooper! Thankfully he loves school and his friends!

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