Tuesday, July 17, 2012

keeping up with blogging

I'm trying to figure out ways to keep up with posting more efficiently.

The easiest way is from our desktop computer because it's familiar territory, but I'm never on that computer and it makes our bedroom feel like a sauna!!!

Unfortunately the computer doesn't always read our SD card for photos.

For Christmas, my amazing husband gave me an iPad so I am learning to upload (or is it download) photos from my camera and iPhone to the iPad so that I can post photos to the blog.

I L.O.V.E my iPad! I love it's convenience and portability!

I never knew that you could check the stats on your blog to see how many views you were getting until recently I noticed that when I sign in to blogger it automatically would show page views.

It's not anything I ever thought of much until I realized that the page views were going up, but my number of posts were not.

I have many posts in my head but need to get them down so that one day my children can go back and read them! Because surely I will not remember them.

So I'm going to take a shot at trying to get some not so (where is the strike through key on blog press) recent pictures of what's been happening in our neck of the woods!!!


Christmas 2011 at my parents' in Murphy NC

Family picture at the end of the neighborhood my parents live in.

Visit with cousins Thanksgiving 2011

What it was really like!!!!

A favorite photo while in Guangzhou Feb 2010

Chinese New Year 2012

Jadon's baptism!!! March 18, 2012

Easter spent with sweet and silly cousins! 2012

Easter morning! 2012

Surprises in our garden! Promises spoken on the Lord!

Trying out manual photography with my birthday gift (from last year)

Another attempt at shooting manually

Thrilled that we had success with carrots!

Bountiful blessings from above!

Finding a worm!

Sydney's 5th grade graduation...deserving a blog post of its own!

Jadon trying out a new sport....in the AC!!!!!!!

The crew being silly....because we can!! Amazing what a little AC can do for soccer playing families in FL!

All tuckered out!

Excited that Daddy is not coaching and can stand with Daddy!

Waiting for the awards ceremony...in the heat!

Sitting on Mama's feet!

Receiving his trophy!

Championship Playoff Teams!

Undefeated Champions!
July 15,2012

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