Saturday, October 6, 2012

in His time

We've finally made it to the last step of our dossier! We have been doing all we can to get our DTC but have been trusting in HIS timing!

Monday we will FedEx our approval and homestudy to the Secretary of State and then on to the Houston Consulate. Then these final documents will make there way to our agency. It will all be photocopied and our dossier will be sent to Ch*na!

Please say a prayer that these documents won't be "mis-sorted" in route to their destinations!

Each day brings us one day closer to our little girl! Would you say a prayer for our little girl today?

Pray that the Lord continues to prepare her heart for all that is to come! As far as we know she does not know about us and probably won't know until we are able to send a care package or ask for an update and pictures. Pray that God will send people in her path that will be able to show her what being adopted and having a forever family is about. Please pray that her heart would begin to soften toward the Gospel and our faith!

And if you would, please pray for us as we continue to raise money for her adoption. God has been faithful and will always provide for the things He has called us to!

Please pray as we continue to prepare our hearts and home for adopting an older child!

We are so in love with our little girl and we are anxious to share more about her when we are able!

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