Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 1- Beijing-The Great Wall

After we arrived to our hotel n Beijing at 6:30am, we all showered and headed down for breakfast.

We were able to meet some of the other families from our FB group that had sent their dossiers to China the same time we did.

Our first stop of the day was the Great Wall. The smog is still pretty bad in Beijing and the temperature was very comfortable but windy. If it weren't for the wind we would have been fine with just long sleeves and no jackets. (Although Jadon did wear his hat)

We did not go to the Badling pass of the Wall. I will have to look up the name of the section we went to. We made it up to the 4th tower. It was exhausting and we could have gone farther but we had to be back to meet our guide. It was also pretty crowded. Much more so than when we came in 2010 to adopt Jackson.

The Great Wall has been Jadon's favorite part of the trip so far!

We got a few good laughs at some of the visitors'choice in shoes to climb the wall!

Here are a few pictures from The Wall!

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  1. It is so crazy that you are there at long last!!! I'm so happy for you guys - praying for you and your sweet girl as the hours pass by and you get closer to meeting!