Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kinsley's First Plane Ride

Our travel day went off without a hitch! Such an answer to our prayers!

The day started with a walk to Starbucks and then back to our room to finish packing.

When I showed Kinsley HER suitcase she was beyond ecstatic!!!! I wish I had a picture of her expression and excitement! It was a joy to watch her heart burst with joy!

Here are our pictures from the plane ride!

Walking up into the plane.

She was really so excited! We took video during the take off! Kinsley was sooo funny! It is a lengthy video but precious.

Napping after eating.

We had planned on getting video of the landing but Kinsley was in such pain from her ears that I literally sat holding her for the last 30 minutes while she cried. I'm not looking forward to telling her we will have 3 more flights to get home!

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  1. Love the smiles and love seeing how your family is bonding so well together so soon!