Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One Less!

Today was our day to finalize the adoption in the eyes of the Chinese government.

Kinsley woke up this morning a little hesitant...which is to be expected.

After we showered and got ready we headed down to breakfast. Kinsley did well with choosing food to eat. She definitely knows what she wants and what she doesn't.

We will have some table manners training ahead of us, but if she watches us as much as we watch her to see how things are done here in China, then I have no doubt she'll adjust in no time at all.

Today was more exciting than gut-wrenching and it was well needed.

Basically, we filled out MORE papers...imagine that!

Signed and dated more papers...should we be surprised?

Answered a few questions and then Kinsley had to give her red-inked thumb print. I'm so glad I dressed her in white pants!! Ha...she did well!

We were then rushed over to another part of the building to take our family adoption photo. Then we were rushed into another room to be thanked and congratulated and our official photo taken together in front of the podium.

We then had to drive to the Notary's office about 30 minutes away and answer yet more questions, and sign more documents!

When we got out of the van, Kinsley did not look well and I brought it to the guides attention, they scooped her off toward the room we would be in to sit down.

Seems 2 days of being overwhelmed, exhausted, and riding in the back of a van with your new brother playing Temple Run on the iPad is NOT a good combination for our little one!

After all the paperwork she rode in the front seat of the van...making this mama a nervousness wreck! She fell asleep in about 5 minutes.

She was still hard asleep and her new Baba had to pick her up and carry her to our hotel room. The elevator could not go fast enough.

She is a solid 62 pounds!

She slept for the next hour or two and felt much better when she woke up.

On the drive back from the Notary we really paid attention and recognized where we were and realized that there was a Papa Johns and a Starbucks just another block further from the Cantonese Restaurant.

We were so excited to find both and planned our lunch outing.

Here are a few pictures from the first half of our day!

Kinsley came over to see what we were doing. As I was signing our last name I told her "Swartzlander. That's your new last name.". I giggled and smiled! When the guide translated, the look on Kinsley's face was priceless. She just went from being a Liu to a Swartzlander!!! Lots of spelling practice in her future!!

Kinsley saying yes (in not so many words) with her red thumbprint.

Signing at the Notary's Office.

Receiving a copy of her Finding ad and her birth note!

One Less orphaned slept today in a bed, with her doll, with her Forever Family looking on!

Words can not adequately express the deep emotions that lie in our hearts about our daughter and about the 2 years that it took for The Lord to work out all of the details. The loss on our end during this journey, the endless medical appointments and red tape, the deadlines, the cost financial cost, the unknown that we have carried in our hearts for a year now as to whether she would choose to be ours.

This is the other side of "Why, Lord?"

A little girl left in a park by the bathroom.

Kinsley Mae Ming Wa Swartzlander!

She is the answer to our "Why?,

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