Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a mommy and daddy that gave birth to a beautiful little girl. For reasons we don't know, this birth mommy and daddy were not able to keep their little girl. The mommy and daddy must have loved her so much that they wanted her to be safe and taken care of and loved, so they placed her in a very special place so that someone would find her. And with that little girl, they left a note that had her birthdate written on it. They knew that someone would find her and take her some place safe. So on that day when the little girl was found, she was taken to a police station where her mommy and daddy were being searched for. The mommy and daddy could not be found, so the little girl was taken to a hospital to make sure she was not harmed and not sick. The beautiful little girl was taken to a new place to live with other boys and girls.

Then one day a Grandmother and a Grandfather came along to take care of this little girl for a very long time. They loved her and fed her and made her smile. The little girl loved them so much! She never wanted to leave them.

While the grandmother and grandfather were taking care of this beautiful girl, another mommy and daddy, far, far away were dreaming and praying and searching for another little girl to love and to be in their family. After looking for a long time they found that little girl. They waited and waited and waited until they could fly on an airplane far away to a beautiful land called China to come and get their little girl.

This little girl was you, Liu Ming Wa. This is the very special place that we wanted to bring you to. So that you would have pictures to know where you came from and where your birth mommy and daddy chose life for you.

Look came from a beautiful place called Shanghai! This special place that your birth mommy and daddy chose has all of the things that you love here in this park... football, basketball, track! Your birth mommy and daddy knew that this place was just for you!

We want you to cherish your home country, Shanghai, China. We want you to have lots of pictures to take with you to America so that you will remember your home country. And when you are older, our entire family will come back here to visit.

"You're beautiful...beautiful. You are treasured, you are sacred, you are His! You're beautiful!"

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  1. Stacy and family....such a beautiful story. Kinsley is truly blessed to have found you and you to have found her. It is so special that you share her story this way so that she will always know how important her birth family and foster family was and how important her forever family will be. Brought a tear to my eye....I am honored to know you and can't wait to meet her and see the entire family here starting her new life in Ormond Beach, Jackson must be so excited!! Pam Lauer

  2. YAY!!! So happy for ALL of you!!
    What a blessing you are to your children and to others around you!!
    May God continue to richly bless you all!!!

  3. So happy for you all. What a wonderful story of love! I can't believe that this will be us in a few months as well. It will be a surreal moment I'm sure! Thank you for your dedication in loving Kinsley as your very own! She is SO beautiful!