Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Medical Exam

Saturday morning was medical exam day.

Yes I know, I'm a few days behind in posting.

The medical exam office is no longer on Shamian Island.

It is a beautiful facility on the inside...

But I have bad news for my fellow adoptive mamas...

It is...

just as hot!

just as crowded!

just as noisy!

just as chaotic!

just as inefficient!

With all that said...

our girl passed her medical exam and according to the blood test her TB test was negative!

Enjoy the pictures!!!

This little room where the man is standing in the doorway is where they took Kinsley's photo. It was used for her Consulate appointment.

Practicing for her eye exam!!! Haha!!! Did we tell you she is extremely competitive???

A little bit of Mickey Mouse!

Weight and Height! Our girl sure ate her Wheaties!!!

Rockin' the eye exam!

We wish we had a picture but just before her turn we had to pull her away from there because she was giving another little boy the answers to the eye exam!!!!

Waiting to be examined!

Nothing beats a new pair of socks!!!

The doctor searched her everywhere and could not find her scar from her surgery, but did note the huge scar she has on her knee from falling two years ago! It looks like it was a pretty large gash that required numerous stitches! Her Daddy has a matching one on his knee as well!!

Before we actually went to the medical exam we stopped at The Memorial Hall!

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  1. Kinsley sounds like a hoot! Glad the exam went so well!