Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dinner Cantonese Style

The area of Shanghai that we are staying in is in part of the French Concession area. It is a beautiful area but also quite pricey.

We decided to step out of our box and eat at the Cantonese Restaurant down the street. This was a far cry from our local Wok-N-Roll!!

Kinsley helped us pick out food. We are learning that she does not like beef and prefers chicken. She also likes fruits but not vegetables. She also enjoys snacks and sweets.

Daddy and Kinsley hand in hand! It helps us to slow her down!

Waiting for our food.

Beef puff pastries...apparently are a dessert and are served first!

Jadon works really hard to eat at every meal!!


Hmmmmm.... We thought we had ordered apple juice....indeed we had!

We all learned that rice goes into the bowl and not onto the plate!

This is how the night ended! Kinsley has her doll we gave her ( which we now know that she doesn't really like dolls) and put it over her head to look like herself sleeping!! Funny girl, I say!!!!

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