Saturday, March 16, 2013

We made it

After a crazy day of traveling we finally made it to Beijing! It is 8pm here and once we get some sleep we will blog about our flights here. We arrived at the Beijing airport at 4:45am BJ time on Saturday morning. Then we arrived at our hotel at 6:30, showered, ate breakfast, toured the Great Wall, The Jade Factory, Forbidden City and saw an acrobatic show. We been taking advantage of time to sleep, in the car going from place to place and then Kurt and I kept falling asleep during the acrobatic show! We head out to the airport at 10:45 for our 2:00 flight to Shanghai. Once we get settled we will blog again as long as we have free WiFi. Only 2 more days until we have Kinsley, our BaoBei!!! That is Chinese for our treasure!!!

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